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The most versatile thing in your bathroom closet is a towel wrap. A standard towel does a find job of drying you off, but never stays put when you wrap it around yourself - no mater how much you tuck or roll. A towel wrap on the other hand does both splendidly.

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A towel wrap will eliminate the risk. For instance, have you ever tried to run from your room at a bed and breakfast to the common shower with just a bath towel wrapped around you?  It is like playing a game of towel roulette. One slip and the other guests will get to know you much better than you had intended.

Perfect for beach, poolside or shower, a towel wrap is a must have. For that matter it is also a must give, because it is a great gift as well. A fluffy terry towel wrap can be used to dry off after a bath or shower and then easily wrapped around you and secured. Most have light elastic sewn into one long side with a Velcro closure.

Towel Wrap

Department stores carry towel wraps for men and women in their bed and bath departments. If you are Internet savvy, the web offers you the largest selection and most competitive prices. There are also a fair amount of catalogs that feature spa quality towel wraps. The only down side to shopping on the Internet or through a catalog is that you don't get to see the wrap before you buy it.

Towel wraps don't come in traditional sizes. There are men's towel wraps and women's towel wraps, but within each gender it is a "one size fits most" situation. A very popular and stylish decoration on a towel wrap is a monogram. It is a great way to give a plain towel wrap some pizzazz. You may even find that monogramming is included in the purchase price. Be sure to inquire before you buy.

If you are handy and own a sewing machine, you can quickly and easily make your own towel wrap. All you need is a bath towel, some elastic and Velcro. Patterns are sold at fabric stores, but chances are you can look at a towel wrap in any store and figure out how it was put together. If you make it yourself you can coordinate it with your current towels and even display your towel wrap on your towel bar for easy access.

Towel wraps are one of a few remaining affordable luxuries.  For that matter, they will cost next to nothing if you make your own from an existing towel. So treat yourself or someone you care about to a towel wrap today.

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