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Discover the best conference call provider deal for you. Online phone conferencing telecom specialists offering discounted services and flat rate or free call plans & buyers guide.

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Local Conference Call Providers Compete With The Big Boys

Due to telecom de-regulation the best conference calling provider can now be regional firms or even smaller aggregator type firms which have no connection with the former Ma Bell group of phone service carriers which previously dominated telecommunications.

Corporate phone conference buyers and even families can now contract or negotiate with conference calling provider firms for discounted services to as low as 4.9 cents per minute or even lower based on the volume usage needs.

* Flat Rate Plans Versus Minimum Commitment. Conference calling provider flat rate plans permit businesses to contract for the lowest available prices in exchange for some minimum commitment of usage. A conference calling provider flat rate plan might take the form of a set monthly rate of, say, $19, however will provide the business user with unlimited conference calling privileges. A different wrinkle in the conference calling provider flat rate plan is to contract for a low fixed rate of, say, 3 cents per minute for "real time" usage. In other words, the conference calling provider flat rate scheme means that you lock into the lowest competitive rate and you're charged only for the time you use.

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Your Phone Conferencing Business Benefits

* Cost-Cutting Opportunity. Businesses the world over face pressure to cut costs, accordingly look to their conference calling provider rate as a key cost area to rein in where possible.

* Save Time And Variable Expense. In a strategy to save time and money, as well as eliminate venue conference room rental fees, managements are increasingly turning towards discount conference calling provider plan as a way to handle internal group communications needs.

* Internal Communications Platform. For example, the senior manager who wishes to "meet" with his entire business division might now rely upon a discount conference calling provider plan to "network" the entire business unit at a set time.

* Internet And E-mail Integrated. By sending out an email advising of the meeting agenda and then reserving a discount conference calling provider network of, say, 150 persons, the senior manager can now deliver a concise and forceful explanation of company objectives without the cost in time and money and lowered production to shuttle staff to an off-site location.

* Lock-In Pricing. Cconference calling providers which offer discounted services plans typically lock in a bottom line price, which is based on the frequency of conference calling needed by you, along with the network size you anticipate, such as 10 callers or 50 callers or more based on needs.

* Additional Services To Upgrade Your Plan. These same conference calling provider discounted services plans also provide you with an unique 1 800 identification code for your calls. Because of your need for ultimate flexibility, these conference calling provider discounted services plans make your networking available to you on a 24/7 basis so that you can deal with any time zone differences that may exist within your company structure.

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