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Office chair designs continue innovation offering all day ergonomic comfort, easy controls and cool modern styles in multiple colors and fabrics.

Home Office Chair Trend Setters

* Tighter Work Spaces At Home. Working at home, you face tighter spaces so you want an office chair that fits in without becoming obtrusive. New generation light weight home office chairs feature slightly narrower seats and subtly reduced back rests.

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* Getting All-Day-Capable Ergonomic Comfort. "Knowledge" workers dominate the modern business landscape. Poised in front of computer terminals all day means that professionals need an ergonomic office chair that will give 'shaped' and firm all-day-long sitting comfort. Modern ergonomic office chair designs reproduce yet suppoprt your body's natural spinal curve, adding additional passive support structure to the lower back lumbar area as well as to the head and neck.

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* Avoiding 'Sticky' Clinging Chair Surfaces. Modern designs such as the Herman Miller office chair offer space age mesh fabric rather than the Nixon-era clammy vinyl seat. Result? You and your office chair stay temperature-neutral all day, no clammy sweaty 'hot spots'. Another advantage of the modern mesh fabric office chair is that it provides constant firm support, without sagging or depressing like foam chairs do.

* Pick Your Favorite Color And Office Chair Shape. 21st century office chairs have gone futuristic as designers harness modern materials technology to offer you almost unlimited color choices as well as cool ergonomic shapes. The old days of a leather office chair offered in black or brown have given way to russets, blues, greens, reds, tan, ivory, burgundy. High performance wool blend office chair fabrics open the color pallette further into half tones of greens, grays, browns, mauve. Two-tone style choices make office chairs the sit-down equivalent of cell phones, where a mesh chair might have a seat and back in russte and a frame in granite or platinum. Similarly, you can widen color contrast with maple, walnut or oak frames opposed by striking original colors in order to jazz up your work environement.

* What Shape Are You And Your Office Chair? If you're going to be 'married' to your work chair, then get the right fit. Narrow gauge slender types will sit comfortably in a seat with dimensions of 20" wide by 20" deep. Meanwhile, larger framed people need the big and tall office chair. Computer task chairs offer arm free designs as well as sculpted seats to raise your pelvis forward and create an improved keyboard working position. Architects and engineers hunched over a drafting table all day need the high profile drafting chair and stool, with foot ring, where the seat height is 26" to 31" high.

Ergonomic Office Chair And Reducing 'Bad Back Syndrome'

* Comfort = Improved Health And Work Performance. Like getting safety tires for your car, selecting an ergonomic office chair produces a safe and physically comforting environment for your back muscles and spinal column.

* Root Causes Of Work Place Back Ache. As 'bone and muscle' specialists like chiropractors point out, your back and spine undergo the greatest 'strain' while sitting. Unlike lying supine and flat or even standing up where your legs and upper body can accept a major portion of your body's mass, sitting down compresses the bulk of your body's weight onto your lower back and spine. Result? Work place back ache, a form of insidious nearly chronic painful condition experienced by thousands of office cubicle workers the world over.

* Smart Solutions. Solutions vary accoridng to your age, health and fitness. In addition to periodically standing and stretching and moving about in order to boost circulation and relieve nerve stress, you need to make sure that you're sitting on the most high performance body-matching ergonomic chair. Look for firm rather than soft structures. Any 'sagging' or soft spots in your office chair means that you'll have to compensate with muscles.... the chair wins and you lose.

* Seat Adjustments. An office chair should not come off as a space capsule, bristling with knobs and controls to confuse the sitter. Instead, look for simplicity and functionality in head rest, arm rest, seat angle of inclination, recline and up-down height adjustment.



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