Christian Motivational Speaker Opportunities

Underscore values and responsibilities when hiring a Christian motivational speaker for your organization. Stimulate feedback by your personnel and design a motivational plaque to reward achievers.

Sometimes organizations can experience "gridlock" where patterns become set and where change is stifled. By reaching out to a Christian motivational speaker, you can stimulate key feedback to be used in identifying issues and managing change.

Where will you find the best Christian motivational speaker for your organization? Many outstanding Christian motivational speaker candidates occupy the local ranks of ministries in most towns and cities. However, if you want to "move up" the talent ranks, you might well end of with, say, Tom Cruise who openly acts as a Christian motivational speaker for one major group.

Likewise, Hollywood celebrities such as Mel Gibson have produced epic films such as the Passion of Christ where the ultimate in Christian motivational speaker themes was presented. Similarly, director Martin Scorsese might be included in the pool of Christian motivational speaker candidates, based on his knowledge and direction of the life of Jesus, starring William Dafoe.

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A Christian motivational speaker is not limited to religious themes. Rather, any current and important organizational need can be artfully addressed by a talented Christian motivational speaker, such as managing change or handling issues of risk and adversity. Your speaker might orchestrate a presentation regarding teamwork or management issues, offering a motivational plaque to individuals who contribute most dynamically to the event process. A talented Christian motivational speaker will provide inspiring stories to guide your organization in addressing workplace issues such as diversity, women's rights, Latino employment, human resources policies, or even health care and employee benefit plans.

The key to your creating a motivational product event is advance planning. Prior to beginning the search process through talent agencies for your Christian motivational speaker, you need to undertake an internal review of your organization's issues and needs, and then commit to producing a briefing document which can be provided to the Christian motivational speaker candidate. Your speaker candidate will then "shape" his or her presentation around your core needs, identifying event processes that can result in the award of a motivational plaque to key persons from each section or business unit as the case may be.

Logistically, you can stay online in order to identify Christian motivational speaker candidates or their agents. You'll want to review promo tapes reflecting the style and performance history of your Christian motivational speaker candidate. Next, your event manager should request and review the contract terms offered by the Christian motivational speaker agent. Fees for a motivational product event can range from gratis to $20,000, depending upon the background and fame of your speaker. As customer, you'll pay separate from event fees the out-of-pocket expenses for your Christian motivational speaker such as travel, accommodation, food and entertainment.

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