Blazer Outer Wear For Women and Men In Leather or Velvet

Expand your wardrobe's versatility with a classic blazer, a fashion staple for business and casual wear.

Blazers come in a variety of cuts, colors and styles, so you are sure to find a look that will complement your style and your clothes!

How did blazers get their name?

Legend tells of the British commander of the HMS "Blazer" who in 1837 outfitted his men in double-breasted navy wool coats with ornate brass buttons in preparation for an onboard visit from the Queen. Others contend that the brilliant red coats of a Cambridge University rowing club were described as blazing, or "blazers." Whether credit lies with the Royal Navy or the young rowers, the blazer jacket has proven itself to be a versatile wardrobe anchor.

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The blazer has significantly branched out since 1837 and now can be found in velvet, leather, corduroy, cashmere, wool, cotton and an array of other fabrics. It is no longer restricted to the classic navy color, and can be found in every shade of the spectrum, in florals, plaids and pinstripes.

While the double-breasted blazer is still around, the single-breasted version is more popular, though the brass or golden buttons are still a trademark. And the blazer is by no means exclusively for men. Especially over the last couple of decades women have made the blazer their own, wearing a traditionally cut blazer with trousers and heels or a simple matching skirt. Short blazers with three-quarter length sleeves and ribbon trims make uniquely feminine jackets.

For cool summer evenings or brisk spring days the blazer can be used essentially as outerwear, adding more style to an outfit than bulky sweater or heavy coat. Leather, denim and corduroy sports coats add just the right amount of warmth while maintaining a look of casual sophistication.


The blazer is also a piece of apparel in its own right and can serve not just as a final layer but rather an integral element of an outfit. A pair of jeans topped with a camisole, or a skirt and casual shirt just aren't complete without a blazer to cap off the look.

For men, the blazer continues to be the most necessary, versatile separate in workplace attire. It displays professionalism, style, and depending on the cut and color, can convey traditionalism or creativity. Pair it with matching slacks for formal settings or with jeans or khakis in relaxed settings.

For women, the blazer is the key that unlocks the male-dominated business world. It conveys a willing to conform to a fashion standard, yet feminine touches can make it uniquely individual. In the realm of business-wear, women have more options for self-expression than men, and shouldn't be afraid to wear blazers in unique fabrics and finishes, or embellish their classic blazers with interesting brooches.

Whoever you are and whatever your style, you can appreciate the versatility and style of the blazer. It ties together any outfit and adds a sense of sophistication, class, and confidence. No closet should be without one.


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