Wool Swing Coats for Women in Plus Sizes

The swing era of the 1930s and ‘40s gave us the big band sound, musical icons like Duke Ellington, and a whole new sense of style.

The swing coat was part of the era's uniform, with its luxurious excess of fabric and a distinctively sassy element.

The stylish coat made its first appearance in the late 40's when Christian Dior's designs hit the runway in Europe.

The designer's clothes were a reaction to the militaristic, trim-fitting fashions of the period which reflected the depressed economy through simplicity and conservatism. Dior's dresses flouted excessive fabric and exuded femininity through a sense of buoyancy. The swing coat was an extension of this new style, known as "Dior's new look," and was designed to accommodate the more lavish clothing. While the look initially faced significant opposition due to its flagrant waste of scarce materials, it nevertheless caught on as a fashion trend.

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In its original version, the swing coat was constructed of wool or fur, had long sleeves and fastened with one or two clasps right at the base of the neck. It was cut such that there was extra material to swoosh and swirl with the slightest shift of the wearer. Usually coming down to at least mid-thigh, it provided coverage and warmth without being restrictive. In this way the swing coat reflected the careless ease and flamboyant style and the returning femininity of the raging swing era.

But swing coats are not merely a relic of the past. They are still alive and well today, and for good reason. The classic style is mimicked by many modern manufacturers, continuing to come in fur and wool, and additionally, polyester, cotton, and even leather. But the coat has also taken on a more contemporary style, and the term ‘swing coat' now often refers to unfitted coats with wider sleeves, maintaining that same freedom of movement. Perfect for juniors, misses and even plus-size women. You can now find swing coats in heavy double-breasted styles or leather wraps with belts to hold it in place. Long, clasp-free coats with lapels and extra wide sleeves are a great example of the cross between the nostalgic and modern, especially when in a high-sheen, light material like cashmere.

Swing Coat

The swing coat has an additional, somewhat surprising, demographic; young girls. For newborns to kindergarteners the swing coat is prevalent and oh so cute. It's great outerwear for babies and toddlers because it does not hamper their movement, or their style. The swing coat looks feminine and demure on young ladies, harkening back to more traditional, girly looks, and is perfect for photo ops or festive occasions.

Whether your aim is to look girly and flirty or just to have ease of movement, the swing coat is a classic and stylish way to get the job done.


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