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Want to know about a jacket before you purchase it? You will find all the information you need right here.

Style or warmth, do you find yourself sacrificing one for the other. Jackets are sometimes the only part of you that people see. There is no need to make a fashion faux pas for the sake of comfort, both are available.

Did you know that exact replicas of 1940s bomber jackets are being made today?

Were you aware that sheepskin can absorb three times its moisture without feeling wet or heavy?

Did you know that the word duffle used to mean a particular kind of wool, but over the years has become a generic term for almost anything? Find out what the true definition of a duffle coat was and what it is today.

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Want to find out more about jacket styles that are on the market today, or have been for many years you have come to the right place. From brand names like Barbour, Berghaus, or Schott, to simple descriptions of styles you will find it here.

From facts about the history of flying jackets to important characteristics of ski jackets it is all of this and more is right here. Welcome and enjoy your visit exploring the wonderful world of coats and jackets.


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