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A well-known, respected, and popular Avirex leather jacket, is just what every person needs in their closet.

Specializing in flight and aviation gear Avirex leather jackets are top on the list. From making leather aviator jackets for movies such as "The Right Stuff" and "Top Gun", to now being one of the largest distributors of leather coats and jackets, they have come a long way since their birth in 1975.

Jeff Clyman is the founder of Avirex. He took his passions of flying and the history of flight gear and created a company that would allow him to utilize both of these loves. This was only the beginning, however, because now Avirex is known not only for their flight gear but also for a line of leather motorcycle jackets, and even leather sports wear.

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Avirex manufactures leather jackets for the United States Armed Forces and several movies. They are the designer and maker of the "Grammy Jacket". This company not only has class and history, but style and celebrity status.

Avirex leather jackets now come in a wide variety of styles. From women's urban leather jackets, to hip hop leather jackets there is a design for anyone and everyone. They definitely still carry the classic bomber and flight jackets, but the lines have expanded to reaching much larger markets. They have launched a website dedicated primarily to their aviator jackets since their line has grown. To find information on only their aviator line check out their website or call their headquarters in New York City.

This company primarily targets the line of coats and outerwear, but they do provide a line for children, and babies. Avirex coat styles can be worn by women as well as men since they are such a versatile item. Women will just have to size differently than they are accustomed since they are made in typical men's sizes.

Avirex Jackets

They are well respected for their leathers, but this does not men's mean they are limited to leather coats. There are plenty of other Avirex jackets to enjoy. You will find any style for any weather with Avirex.

You can find stores located near you by contacting their New York, New York headquarters at (212) 575-1616. They have store locations all over the world. There are almost 5 locations in every city out there, and they also accept international orders. This means they are available to anyone and everyone.

Whatever your leather coat needs are Avirex will have a coat or jacket perfect for you. Men, women, and children can all benefit from having an Avirex leather jacket in their closet. Find the one that best suits your needs, and you will never be displeased.


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