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The clothing equivalent to your favourite afghan can be found in a Barbour Jacket. These jackets have been designed, worn, and designed again by the manufacturer and their relationship with their customer.

Barbour Jackets are the countryside's preferred piece of clothing. Completely constructed in Britain in the North East of England and the borders of Scotland, but these jackets are exported to many other countries through out the world. This means that these garments are adorned by many different cultures.

John Barbour was the founder of this clothing line. He was born and raised on a farm in the south west of Scotland. Knowing exactly what would be needed in a piece of clothing to protect one from increment weather, from his shepherd experiences.

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He left the farm when he was the age of twenty and began his career as a travelling draper. From this point on his draping business grew. He became one of the leading suppliers of oilskins and other protective clothing for the sailors, fishermen, and river men of the North East Coast.

Eventually his efforts were being bought by many labourers, farmers, carters, and shepherds. This is only the beginning of this company's journey to the accomplishments and accredited establishment it is now.

The Barbour line of jackets is remarkable for its durability. Made of only premium quality materials and fabrics, and stitched to perfection. The seams in their jackets are sewn and treated to ensure each one is completely waterproof. Not only are the seams sewn in this manner, but the thread is treated with the same secret formula as the fabric.

Barbour Jackets

Every component of a Barbour Jacket is there for a reason ... no wasted materials only function. Practicality is a value to the making of these jackets. Their clothing is sure to last ... even with all the harsh conditions you may expose your Barbour to, but as long as you reproof your jacket at the particular stage necessary this will not have a negative effect.

Barbour Customer Repair Service is always available to their consumers and using this service will ensure your jacket's life be long and rewarding.

Popular choices among ladies and gents are the Barbour Waxed Jackets, and Border Jackets. They are available in many shades and sizes. They are appropriate for all of your performance needs.

To find out more about Barbour Jackets visit their website.


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