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Find yourself in the Centre of the Mountain, wearing a Berghaus Jacket. You may query why, but the word Berghaus loosely translated means the Mountain's Centre. Thus the brand name was created.

Products developed by Berghaus, jackets and all other gear, are produced with very specific characteristics needed for climbers, mountaineers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. This company was established by two men who were active in these particular activities, Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison.

Each season lends to new products developed, tested, and tested again for performance accuracy. The production and testing leads to better and better outdoor equipment, Berghaus jackets, rucsacs, and footwear are perfect for every expedition.

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Popular choices among men include the Berghaus Polar Plus. This is one of the warmest fleece jackets. Reading consumer credits one man noted the versatility of wearing his as an outer jacket on cold days, and on even colder days as an inside layer. This man also noted that the bulk of this fleece jacket is perfect weighing only 800g.

The Berghaus Storm Jacket is another popular pick among women and men, since it is offered in both gender sizes.

The Storm's components consist of waterproof materials: GORE-TEX® Taslan, and GORE-TEX® Voyager and dry mesh and nylon lining. These materials will provide you with warmth and comfort during any weather you may face during your any and all of you outdoor excursions.

Berghaus Jackets

The premium materials are not the only characteristics of the Berghaus Storm Jacket that make your activities splendid. The many pockets, rollaway hood, and it's compatibility to add the mid layer fleece also make this jacket a multipurpose garment.

Berghaus jackets are made with your protection from the elements in mind. Stopping you from ever having to face hypothermia they have done the research needed to prevent this. By creating the Berghaus Layering System they have accomplished this task.

The layering system consists of three layers. The first layer is the Comfort Layer, the second; The Warmth Layer, and the third; The Protection Layer. To find out more about these layers and their functions visit Berghaus' website.

Experiencing any mountain, country side, or any where your heart takes you will be improved by wearing Berghaus jackets. Protection, warmth, and comfort are assured when you adorn their garments.


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