Winter Columbia Jackets For Skiing and Snowboarding

Sportswear by Columbia started merely as a hat distributor in 1938 and has grown since then to being one of the largest outerwear brands in the United States.

Columbia jackets are recommended and worn by many outdoor sports enthusiasts needing style and comfort as well as function.

Columbia jackets are the first to have been made with waterproof/breathable fabric. This was a breakthrough technology that was called the "Columbia Interchange System" and was the beginning of a liner and shell combination. Now it is hard to find a jacket not made with this system, but Columbia is the company that can say "we started it".

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Their product line consists of jackets and coats made for hunting, snowboarding, training, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, trekking, fishing and more. If there is an outdoor sport you will find a Columbia jacket perfect for it.

Each one is made with a certain sport in mind, but remember that you do not have to be active with this particular sport to wear these jackets either. You may just want it for style instead of function.

Columbia Sportswear is highly recommended by numerous outdoor athletes. They are a name known all over the world. They have international dealers in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. No matter where you are, you will be able to find a Columbia jacket distributor.

They offer over 96 styles of Columbia jackets for men, and over 64 styles for women. They even offer a line of parkas and coats for kids. They have parkas with faux fur trimmed hoods. They have lighter spring jackets with removable liners and optional hoods.

A few great picks for snowboarding jackets are the Lunar X Parka, and the Chevy Pile Parka for women. Snowboarding Columbia jackets for men that are recommended by the pros are the Convoy Parka, and the Base EQ Parka.

Columbia Jackets

The women's Hoody Track Jacket is a wonderful choice for snowboarding or training purposes. It is made of 100 % polyester Track Terry ™. It has hand warming pockets and is guaranteed to keep your body warm with its mid-weight second layer garment.

The men's Rangler Cord jacket is made of corduroy, with a polyester lining. This jacket is ideal for snowboarding, or any outdoor trail hike. It has security pockets and is insulated for ultimate warmth in blistering cold weather.

Columbia Sportswear distributes products in over 50 countries. They have over 12,000 retailers all over the world. Their flagship store is in Portland, Oregon. They also have seven outlet stores throughout the United States.

To find out more about their locations, or to find a dealer near you call their Customer Services Department at 503-985-4000 for United States Residence. If you are calling from a Canadian Residence you should call 1-800-265-7067. Their team will be happy to assist you.


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