Find Style in a London Fog Coat, Jacket, Or Raincoat..

City sleek, the marriage of fashion and function, country comfort are some of the many ways people describe London Fog coats and jackets. Truly, these coats are a remarkable addition to your wardrobe.

London Fog has been providing people with versatile outerwear for over 80 years. With this amount of time put into perfecting their products, quality is a guarantee. Customer reviews of consumers who wear or have worn London Fog coats and jackets all mention the durable qualities of this all weather gear.

Popularly people look to London Fog when they are looking for a raincoat. This could be because they offer so many styles of raincoats for men and women, or it could be based solely on the quality of their raincoats. Either way it is a win/win situation for everyone.

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Men and women have unlimited options when it comes to fashionable styles from London Fog. There are over 20 styles in each line. Not only do they offer so many styles they have at least three collections, London Fog Sport, London Fog Manhattan, and the classic London Fog collection.

London Fog Sport is a collection said to be "dedicated to action". This collection will provide you comfort and versatility. They manufacture their Sport Collection to be durable, easy body temperature control. This makes this collection the perfect choice for any active lifestyle.

The Manhattan Collection combines urban sleek with the hot trends of the times. Manufactured complete with interior pockets built in all the right places for just the right amount of security you will need with all of your belongings, from cell phones to wallets.

London Fog Coat

The Classic London Fog Collection is full of choice options, from the basic trench coat for women to the Bomber jacket for men. Hipsters and driving jackets, there are unlimited options with London Fog. Long and short raincoats, Anoraks, for winter, fall, or spring you can never go wrong with this brand.

All of their coats and jackets are made with fine quality fabrics. All are water repellent and resistant. Most are lined with equally fine fabrics for assuring you comfort and protection no matter what weather it may be. Keep warm, stay dry, and wear a London Fog coat. You will never regret this decision.

If you are interested in purchasing a London Fog coat or jacket you can contact them at their Customer Service Center. They will be happy to assist you with whatever you may be inquiring about. From caring for your jackets to finding a dealer near you, they can help you.


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