Rothschild Coat - Childrens Classic Coats

A common choice of outerwear for younger people, or shall we say for their parents, are Rothschild Coats.

Based out of New York City, they distribute their popular wool and dress coats all over the world. Large and small distributors and retailers offer these fashionable casual and dress coats for children.

Some of the larger distributors of S. Rothschild & Co. coats are Nordstrom's, JC Penney's and other large department stores. Find these coats at their stores, or other similar stores near you. You can also find them on their websites.

Rothschild coats are available for women, and men, but the name is recognized more often with children's outerwear.

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Toggle coats for toddlers, and wool coats with hand-muffs or matching pocketbooks for little girls, these coats are made to have a classic look. Most of the winter coats come with some matching accessory, as mentioned, pocketbooks, scarves, and hats.

This company manufactures charming coats for children of all ages. Rothschild coats are an adorable collection of winter and fall wear. This is their specialty. They do offer lines of lighter spring and raincoats, however.

Rothschild Coats

If you are interested in finding Rothschild coats, or finding out more about their products, call their toll free number at 1-800-301-3411. Their customer service representatives will assist you with any inquiries you may have.




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