Logo Embroidery And Embroidered Emblems

Logo embroidery puts your company's or organization's emblem on articles of clothing making everyone who wears them a walking billboard.

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Whether you choose an embroidered polo shirt, or an embroidered hat or golf towel, logo embroidery is the most tasteful way to get your logo on any product. While silk screening quickly fades and cracks, the beautiful rich thread colors of the permanent and steadfast embroidered logo look good for years. If you can't decide whether to put your logo on a golf shirt or a hat, but only have the budget for one, why not try an embroidered patch?

A patch can be sewn on any article you choose when you need it. It is a very economical compromise when it comes to logo embroidery.

Custom Embroidery

What is the process for logo embroidery?

It is a much easier process than you may think. First you will need to send your logo to a reputable embroidery company of your choice. You can usually mail, fax, or e-mail it to the company who will then digitize it. If you don't have a logo or emblem created, ask if the company has a design service to help you to design you own.

When the company digitizes your logo, it scans it into a computer, making it into a readable format for the commercial embroidery machine. After that, a sewn reproduction of your logo, called a sew-out in the industry, is created for your review and sign off.

When it comes to pricing, the more stitches in your logo, the higher the cost. The number of stitches is determined by the complexity of your logo. The embroidery company will always tell you the number of stitches when they give you the proposal.

With most embroidery companies, the cost of custom logo embroidery is included in the price of the garment – there are no other charges unless you go over the allotted number of stitches. Be sure to ask what the allotted number of stitches and colors is, and what the charge is per stitch over that.

Once you have signed off on your logo, selected your logo colors, picked out your article to be customized and decided on the quantity, all you need do is sit back and wait. You are probably only weeks away from enjoying your custom logo embroidery proudly displayed on a smart looking shirt, hat or whatever you choose!


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