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The first day of school ... a winter snowfall ... a sudden spring shower or cool summer breeze ... on these occasions, do you remember reaching for your jacket? Putting on the right jacket is like sticking the stamp on an envelope – now you're ready to go anywhere, anytime.

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Our dependence on these short coats with a long list of uses starts in childhood – we can't play outside until we put on our warm fleece jacket.

In high school, we're rewarded for sports excellence with our letterman jackets. Applying for our first real job, we're told we can't go wrong with a navy blazer.

Over the years we'll buy down jackets to warm us through the winters and denim jackets wear around summer campfires. For casual evenings out we'll sling sleek leather jackets across our shoulders, and afternoons at the ballpark will find us wearing our team jackets.


Versatile, functional, sporty and stylish: Jackets are wardrobe essentials that complement our clothes and our active lifestyles. From down to designer, boucle to bomber, Levi to leather and track to tweed, there's a jacket to fit every size, style and season.

In these pages you'll find articles about popular fabrics and colors for jackets and blazers. Corduroy, denim, leather, fleece, wool - all are fabric classics that turn up in traditional and trend-setting silhouettes. What list of fashion must-haves doesn't include a navy wool blazer or authentic denim jean jacket? New takes on those style icons might feature a ruffled hem on a cropped denim top, or fringed sleeves and collars on a deconstructed wool blazer.

For armchair athletes and participants alike, you'll find outer wear geared for watching or engaging in your favorite sport. Wear your NASCAR team jacket even if you're just watching the race at home on TV. Show your support at the football stadium when you wear your NFL jacket. Hi-tech jackets for snowboarders and skiers can accommodate personal MP3 players, cell phones and earphones to allow athletes to multi-task while swooshing down the slopes! And rugged leather motorcycle jackets are more than just cool fashion statements, they're essential protective gear that saves cyclists' lives.

On this site you'll learn about the features and construction of down jackets, and which style is best for your needs and your budget. Perhaps instead of down you just need a trusty wool jacket to wear on chilly days – look for a tweed jacket to wear on autumn walks in the country, and learn a little history along the way.

Usually outgrown from season to season, children's jackets are usually selected for the short term – though a good quality jacket will certainly serve its purpose through a couple of hand-me-down cycles. Children's recreational winter outerwear must be warm, easy to put on and take off, and not have any loose cords, buttons or trims that could pose a hazard. Pile-lined hoods and elastic knitted cuffs are extra touches that keep your little one warm enough to sled down yard just one more time! For children who are learning to ski or snowboard, pint-size jackets with adult-sized design and warming ability are readily available at online and local sporting good stores.

Now, grab your jacket and go outside!


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