Bed Jackets – A Woman's Chenille Bed Jacket

Cozy bed jackets keep you toasty even if the room has a chill. For hospital stays or if you just have a bit of a cold, a bed jacket will warm you up and keep you in right in style. Similar to a robe, a bed jacket is a waist-length cover-up to top loungewear, pajamas and nightgowns. They are perfect for sitting up in bed, lounging around the house, or working at the computer.

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Bed jackets have had such resurgence in popularity, that many sleepwear manufacturers are including one or two styles in their collections.

An easy-to-put-on bed jacket is an especially appreciated, practical gift for hospital patients and individuals who are confined to a bed or in wheelchairs. Some fleece bed jackets have a Velcro seam that run the length of one arm to allow medical treatments, like IV lines. When choosing a jacket for this purpose, consider the features:

Bed Jacket

  • Is it washable? (Make sure it can be washed and dried in hot temperatures.)
  • Is it warm?
  • Is it easy to put on and take off? (Older patients may prefer few or nor buttons.)
  • Will it be comfortable for extended wear? (Loose-fitting, with lightweight warmth)
  • Are the sleeves wide enough to layer over a pajama top or gown? (Moderately wide bell sleeves work best.)

Answer "yes" to the above questions and you've selected a bed jacket that will be cherished by the wearer!

Chenille and fleece, even quilted down are favored fabric and construction choices for today's bed jackets. Make a gift even more special by including a pair of matching slippers and lap robe. Personalizing a jacket is also a good idea – it's a considerate touch and medical professionals won't forget the patient's name.

There are women's romantic, vintage bed jackets that come from days gone by and have their new owners imagining the 1920s. Some have box pleats and ruffles, others are in a cape-style. Embroidered or lacy embellishments accent feminine designs.

Bed jackets in sizes, styles and colors geared for men are also available, but with the intent that they'll be used as functional tops for individuals convalescing in the hospital or a residential setting.


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