Letterman Jackets – A Custom High School Varsity Jacket

So maybe you weren't the all-star athlete in high school – you can still dress like one of the cool crowd in a classically styled letterman jacket.

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An authentic letterman's jacket? Well that's all about high school and college. Athletes would make it to the varsity squad of their team, thereby "lettering" in their sport and earning the right to wear a varsity or letterman's jacket emblazoned with the school name and colors.

Nowadays it's not just the athletes who can wear a high school letterman jacket – high ranking members of the band, the debate team, traveling academic teams - all may qualify to wear the prize jacket, even custom design their own.

Letterman Jacket

Online sites allow students to choose everything about their jacket from the fabric to the tiniest detail such as whether to put striping on the elastic cuffs! Students may choose the traditional leather/wool combination or have their jacket made from other fabrics.

However, like many time-honored styles, the letterman jacket has transcended a single category of buyer. Similarly styled jackets are now in big demand and available in myriad fabrics and colors for anyone of any age with a yen for the letterman look.

Professional associations and corporate organizations purchase personalized varsity jackets in bulk as gifts or promotional wear. To commemorate a reunion or similar special event, families will order customized jackets embroidered with names and dates as practical mementos of the occasion. The style and fit of a varsity jacket is generally comfortable, flattering and easy to wear for a broad range people, which makes it an ideal choice for group gifts.

The fabric and construction
The traditional letterman's jacket is usually constructed of a melton wool body and contrasting wool or leather sleeves. But fabrics and combinations today run the gamut. Pastel cottons, denim, leather, corduroy, wool – even satin - and combinations of those fabrics, are becoming a wardrobe mainstay. For versatility, comfort and casual looks, an easy-style letterman's jacket is a good fit for many occasions.

You can still custom-order a letterman's jacket, and online resources will walk you through the process. Among the most popular style is the sports-themed version. You can buy a letterman-style jacket reflecting the name and colors of your favorite pro sports team from specialty stores online and through licensees of the teams. The bomber-style silhouette is popular for men, women and children and looks great worn with jeans and turtleneck or collared shirt. Leather jackets with few embellishments are dressy enough for corporate Casual Fridays; a denim and corduroy combination is a clean look for weekend activities.

It shouldn't take much homework to figure out what letterman-look is best for you – as long as you like it, it makes the grade!


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