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Behringer Controller BCF 2000 - MIDI USB DJ BCF2000 B Control Fader

Behringer’s B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 Total Recall is a USB/MIDI controller that fits easily on your desktop set up. Eight 100-millimeter motorized faders provide the best sound control money can buy. The USB/MIDI controller works nicely with audio software such as Cubase, Cakewalk, or Logic Audio.

Engineers put some thought into the layout of the BCF2000. Motorized faders provide you with precision control of your audio, while the compatibility with many software options ensure you don’t have to do everything with a mouse.

Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 USB/MIDI Controller Desk Features

With Behringer’s B-CONTROL BCF2000, you’ll find the MIDI controller easily fulfills your every need. It’s high on function without being so loaded that it’s hard to learn the layout. Just look at all you get.

4-digit LED display
32 user presets
Editor software included
Eight 100-millimeter motorized faders
Four encoder groups with 8 dual-mode, high-resolution encoders
MIDI and USB modes can be configured to your specifications
Multi-function foot switch connectors
One MIDI input with merge function
Panel functions can be manually assigned
Sixteen assignable illuminated buttons
Two MIDI outs
USB MIDI support with Windows XP or Mac OS X

All eight faders handle most everything from virtual mixing to organ-drawbar function with inverse. Each encoder has its own LED indicator, so you’ll never lose track of where you are.

Trust in Behringer’s B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 Total Recall

With modern features and a sleek design, the BCF2000 is also built with quality German engineering behind it. This control fader is constructed using durable materials and is meant to withstand extreme use. Yet, despite all the benefits, the price is more than reasonable. In fact, it’s so affordable, you can avoid the sticker shock that comes with many pieces of audio equipment.

Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 Total Recall USB/MIDI Controller Desk with 8 Motorized Faders is a perfect solution for a professional or home studio enthusiast who wants the very best. You’ll find the controller desk is high on performance and easy on the budget.

Behringer website: Controllers


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