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Behringer BCF 2000 MIDI Controller - B Control DJ with Faders

The Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000-WH Total Recall USB/MIDI Controller provides the user with eight motorized faders and a huge selection of encoders. Winner of the Future Music Platinum Award, the BCF2000-WH is extremely impressive.

Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000-WH Total Recall USB/MIDI Controller Desk looks classy with the pristine white look. Controls stand out against the bright white controller making it a snap to find sliders and buttons, even in darker lighting.


Specifications for the Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000- WH

Professionals and home studio aficionados are going to love the features of the BCF2000-WH. Behringer packs a load of function into there popular line of USB/MIDI controller desks.

2 MIDI outputs that configure to MIDI or USB
32 user presets within the four encoder groups
A MIDI input with merge function
Assignable panel elements
Comes with editor software that can be downloaded off the Behringer Web site
Eight 100-millimeter motorized faders that provide precise control of virtual mixers, organ drawbars and virtual synthesizers/samplers
Four encoder groups, each with high-resolution and LED rings
Multi-function foot switch/controller connections
Push to set function
Sixteen assignable buttons that illuminate
USB MIDI support for Windows XP and Mac OS X

Thanks to the motorized faders, all 100-millimeters in length, you have precise control over your audio quality. German engineers put a lot of thought into making this model both fun to use and durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Behringer’s B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000-WH: Easy on a Budget

With all the features included in this award-winning USB/MIDI controller, you’d expect it to cost a lot of money. Not so! The BCF2000 is actually very affordable and leaves money in the wallet.

Behringer website: Controllers

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