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Behringer MIDI Controller - BCN44 - DJ Nano with B Control Faders

Behringer’s B-CONTROL NANO BCN44 Ultra-Compact and Universal MIDI Controller may be a smaller size, but it is not short on function. This is a great model for someone who is just learning about MIDI controllers and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed but buttons, sliders and knobs.

You’re getting the basics with the B-CONTROL NANO BCN44. With four assignable encoders, assignable buttons and up to 99 user presents, you have great controls to help you achieve the audio performance you desire. The presets are easy to use and a helpful option allows you to learn how to use your controller.

Behringer B-CONTROL NANO BCN44 Ultra-Compact and Universal MIDI Controller Features

You’d be surprised at the number of presents they’ve included with the B-CONTROL NANO BCN44 Ultra-Compact and Universal MIDI Controller.

4-digit LED display
99 programmable presets
Assignable panel elements
Battery compartment
Four assignable buttons with dual functionality
Four assignable push encoders with LED
Learn mode option
MIDI input with merge function
MIDI Output

The “Learn Mode” allows beginners master the use of their new MIDI controller. It’s a perfect option for novices or those who want to see if they could possibly sharpen their skills.

Behringer B-CONTROL NANO BCN44 MIDI Controller: Impressive and Very Compact

The NANO BCN44 Universal MIDI Controller is very small. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be larger than an answering machine. It fits easily into any desktop set up and transportation is never a problem.

Behringer’s BCN44 weighs three pounds. You can carry it easily from location to location. For a low-priced controller, the unit is certain to impress.

Choose Behringer’s B-CONTROL NANO BCN44 Universal MIDI Controller

You can use the included AC adaptor or run the NANO BCN44 off three AA batteries. Energy consumption isn’t an issue with this model.

Priced at under $100, you really can’t go wrong with this handy Behringer controller. The BCN44 is packed with presets and nicely sized knobs that help you avoid the hassle of controlling functions with a mouse.

Behringer website: Controllers


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