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Behringer BCR2000 B Control Rotary USB MIDI Controller

Behringer B-CONTROL ROTARY BCR2000 Total Recall USB/MIDI Desk Controller has 32 Illuminated Rotary Encoders for quick location in a dimly lit area. You take control of your music using knobs versus a cumbersome computer mouse. Additional rows of lit buttons are programmable so that you can program the board to your liking.

After connecting your BCR2000 USB/MIDI desk controller to your computer, you can adjust settings and buttons however you would like. You get total control making it much easier to use and enjoy the controller from the very beginning.

Behringer B-CONTROL ROTARY BCR2000 USB/MIDI Controller Features

Designed with knowledgeable German engineering, the B-CONTROL ROTARY BCR2000 is designed to withstand excessive use. Behringer does not use shortcuts. Every aspect of this board is designed to make the board fun to use and durable. Features are plentiful.

24 encoders offer LED lighting and high-resolution
4 encoder groups each with 8 encoders with push function
16 assignable and illuminated MIDI buttons
Assignable panel elements
Multi-function foot switch connectors
32 user presets
MIDI and USB modes are easily configured
A MIDI input with merge function
2 MIDI outputs
4-digit LED display
USB MIDI support with Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OS X
Free Web site downloaded drivers and editor software

Behringer’s Web site is loaded with free downloads that you can add to your computer for more controller options. You’ll find drivers, editor software and librarian software available.

The B-CONTROL ROTARY BCR2000 USB/MIDI Controller Desk Impresses

Priced to beat out the competition, the BCR2000 USB/MIDI Desk Controller provides a lot of usability into a conveniently sized package. It’s a very hands-on unit thanks to rows of buttons and knobs.

Behringer’s BCR2000 is a top-selling model for good reason. If you want to spend time adjusting your music to your specifications and not having to “settle," this is the desk controller you’ve been waiting for.

Behringer website: Controllers


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