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Behringer UMA 25 S USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

The Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S USB MIDI Controller Keyboard gives the professional superior performance from its streamlined format. The unit comprises 25 velocity-sensitive keys and half-keys, almost two dozen assignable controllers and software are included in the package.

Unlike many models, the U-CONTROL UMA25S controller keyboard has a handy carrying strap so that you can use it on stage. If that doesn’t appeal to you, it fits nicely into any desktop set up.

The sharp red keyboard is eye catching and certain to impress. Controls are well placed on the UMA25S. If you can use a keyboard, you’ll have no problem working with this affordable keyboard controller.

Features of Behringer’s U-CONTROL UMA25S Controller Keyboard

One of the nicest features of Behringer’s U-CONTROL UMA25S is that you can carry it with you. Other instruments can be connected through the keyboard allowing you to quickly lay down tracks on your computer.

Slip any guitar strap, one is included, and you can carry your U-CONTROL UMA25S Controller Keyboard with you. This is extremely handy for stage performances.

Other features include:

21 assignable controllers with user presets
AC power adaptor is not included
Advanced controls like drawbar mode and drum triggering
Built-in audio interface with USB connectivity
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X
EnergyXT2 audio software is included
Includes high-quality headset and carrying case
MIDI output
Powered by USB bus or batteries
Software adds more than 100 virtual instruments and 50 effects

Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S is Built to Last

Tapping into their superior team of German engineers, Behringer uses quality materials in their construction. The UMA25S USB/MIDI controller keyboard with USB/Audio interface is durable and meant to handle a lot of use.

The Behringer U-CONTROL UMX25 25-Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface is affordable, packed with features and a lot of fun to use. The addition of audio editing software provides you with powerful tools to create jaw dropping sound. Take pride in your music and create your own masterpiece.

Behringer website: Controllers


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