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CME M Key MIDI USB Controller Keyboard

CME’s M-Key Mobile MIDI 49 Note USB Controller Keyboard is a basic model offering the most frequently used functions. Designed with the U-Key Mobiltone in mind, the M-Key MIDI differs slightly. The biggest difference is the lack of the LED display, something many professionals say they rarely use.

At heart, the M-Key Mobile MIDI USB Controller is a 49-key keyboard. However, it’s incredibly thin and lightweight. Moreover, it provides the user with impressive functionality.

Features Available on the CME M-Key Keyboard

CME M-Key Mobile Ultra-Thin MIDI 49 Note USB Contoller Keyboard isn’t loaded with features. Instead, CME took the functions that people use most often and designed a classy MIDI controller keyboard that gets the job done.

2 data entry buttons
49-key semi-weighted keyboard
163 possibilities for assignable joystick and slider controls
Assignable slider
Dual 1/8-inch pedal jacks
Firmware upgrades via USB
Function button
MIDI out
Note-key shortcut
Power LED
Programmable joystick that automatically returns to center when released
Universal pedal connector compatible with switch and expression pedals
USB MIDI compliant with Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X
USB port
Voice list comes with 128 programmable options

The USB cables and a thorough instruction guide are included. The M-Key weighs approximately seven pounds. By no means is it a bulky piece of equipment. Measurements are 28 inches by 8.25 inches. The keyboard is incredibly thin at 2.25 inches.

Why Choose the CME M-key Mobile Controller Keyboard

If you want a MIDI controller keyboard that gets the job done, CME’s M-Key is a great choice. It is fully capable of bringing your recordings to a new level, yet isn’t packed with fancy options that drives the price up and will never be used.

The M-Key Mobile Ultra-Thin MIDI 49 Note USB Controller Keyboard is a must for any professional who wants something easy to use, lightweight and fun. CME’s controller is perfect for beginners and well suited to an established professional.

CME website: M-Key


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