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CME UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard

CME UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard breaks the mold as the casing is crafted from durable aluminum. This is the same model as the CME UF 60, but V2 has been added to ensure people do not mistake the UF 60 V2 for the UF 60 Classic. The same rigid design ensures the unit easily withstands jostling from transportation. In addition, the sleek metal gives it a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

For its size, the CME UF 60 V2 is extremely impressive. Many neat features are standard in this controller keyboard. It’s ready to handle numerous styles of music. Whether you want your music to have the flair of the Orient or a pumping techno beat, the UF 60 V2 is ready and willing.

CME UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard’s Handy Features

CME packs the UF 60 V2 with the features professionals request most often. Enjoy the assignable control knobs and faders. Control knobs come with handy effects like Reverb, Tempo and Chorus. The faders offer a drawbar allowing the unit to sound like an organ.

6 sequencer remote buttons including play, record, stop and rewind

8 control knobs, assignable with presets

9 control faders, assignable with presets

61 semi-weighted keys with after-touch

Breath controller

Compatible with Windows 2000 and XP and Mac OS X

DAW transport controls

FireWire Expansion board is optional

LED display

MIDI out

Modulation wheel

Pitch bend wheel

Sustain and volume pedal jacks

Tuning control for many music styles including Asian


The UF 60 V2 also includes U-CTRL music software. Connect your controller keyboard to your computer and create breathtaking sound.

CME UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard Easy to Transport

At 21 pounds, the UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard isn’t too bulky to move from one job to the next. The solid aluminum design helps ensure stability within the controller keyboard. Unlike plastic models, you need not worry about the casing becoming damaged.

With the CME UF 60 V2 MIDI Controller Keyboard, you have the power to create crystal clear audio. Moreover, the advanced capabilities that the FireWire audio expansion card provides heighten the possibilities. You’ll love what this mixer can do!


CME website: MIDI Keyboards


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