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CME UF 80 V2 Master Keyboard MIDI Controller

The CME UF 80 V2 88 Key Master keyboard MIDI Controller brings together both a powerful synth controlling machine with the sleek and professional look you have always wanted in an 88 key keyboard. Don't confuse this durable model with the black UF Classic series. The UF V2 series are cased in silver-colored aluminum that stands up to abuse.

This fully featured MIDI controller keyboard features a full 88 key set encased in a beautiful and durable aluminum casing. The keys on the UF 80 V2 are hammer action weighted and are velocity sensitive. All of this keyboards components are fully programable including 8 assignable knobs and 9 assignable sliders. This keyboard not only surpasses in MIDI performance but gives the user a feeling of full control with a professional touch.

The CME UF 80 V2 is practically bursting in MIDI performance features you come to expect in a full keyboard control system. With a built-in duplex wireless MIDI interface, a redesigned front control panel, shortcut function keys, and a user template memory, CME has put a lot of time and thought into getting the most out of your MIDI controlling device.

For instant control when you need to create without presets or templates, CME bundled the UF 80 V2 Master Keyboard with U-CTRL music software auto-recognition system. For that Asian or Arabian music feel you also get a special set of scales and tuning controls on this keyboard specifically tailored to these types of music. The UF 80 V2 also gives you an abundance of connecting ports with a Breath controlled port, a MIDI out port, a USB midi port, and an optional firewire expansion board.


- 88 weighted, velocity sensitive, aftertouch keys

- 8 assignable knobs

- 9 assignable sliders

- Wireless duplex MIDI interface

- U-CTRL auto-recognition music software

- Scales and tuning controls for Asian and Arabian music styles

- Breath controlled, MIDI out, USB, and optional firewire ports

What really brings the CME UF 80 V2 88 Key Master keyboard MIDI Controller to an exceptional professional level its its amazing set of 88 keys. Not only are these keys weighted, they have an aftertouch feature which all-in-all means that when you play this keyboard it really gives a feel of a grand piano as it was modeled after rather than other keyboards that may give the on/off key feel that many music professionals are set off by. This is not only a rugged, stunning, keyboard but a MIDI controller that gives you the creative freedom you have been looking for.

CME website: UF Series Master Keyboard


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