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CME U Key MIDI Controller Keyboard

The CME U-Key Mobiletone MIDI Controller Keyboard is the one and only keyboard tailored to creating music ringtones. The creation of cell phone ringtones has developed over the years into a multi billion dollar market, and now you can become a full part of that market with this keyboard..

The U-Key features 49 keys which are ultra thin and semi-weighted giving the feel of a standard keyboard but with less key ply. This keyboard is easily customizable with 1 programmable joystick, 8 programmable trigger pads, and 8 programmable control knobs. Not to mention with a built-in 64-polyphony mobile phone sounds module, you get plenty of options when creating a new ringtone.

Not only is this keyboard great for ringtone tracks, the U-Key is a fully featured MIDI controller as well. It can handle loop variations and chord changes and it is capable of fast-operation SEQ transport just like many other popular MIDI controlling devices.

The U-Key has music controlling templates built-in with user bank memory systems as well as LED indicators for the user levels. Like many CME MIDI controllers this keyboard comes with U-CTRL software so you can better handle musical styles like Asian or Arabian styled pieces. For a smaller keyboard there is no lack of ports on this controller including a USB MIDI port, a stereo line output port, a stereo headphone out port, a MIDI in and out port, and a universal pedal connector that works with both a switch and expression pedal.

- 49 semi-weighted ultra-thin keys
- 1 programmable joystick
- 8 programmable trigger pads and 8 programmable knobs
- 64-polyphony mobile sounds module
- Fast operation SEQ transport, loop and chord change handling
- U-CTRL software included
- USB and MIDI I/O ports
- Stereo line and headphone out ports
- Universal pedal connector (switch or expression style)

If you ever wondered how professionals created MIDI ringtones, this is a piece of equipment worth noting in the process. The CME U-Key Mobiletone MIDI Controller Keyboard is a keyboard fully designed to work specifically with mobile ringtone creation or just be a portable, simple, MIDI controller solution. Whichever the case, the U-Key is an outstanding piece of MIDI controlling technology that can be fully customized to fit any music professionals needs.

CME website: U-Key Mobiltone


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