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CME VX6 61 Key Keyboard USB Midi Controller

The CME VX6 Intelligent keyboard 61 Key USB MIDI Controller is a compact, powerful, MIDI controlling machine. This MIDI controlling keyboard features 61 semi-weighted keys that are velocity sensitive and gives the user an aftertouch feel. Rather than playing on a keyboard, the VX6 gives a feel of grand piano's keys, just in a much smaller package.

Feel fully in control with 12 velocity sensitive programmable trigger pads, 8 potentiometer control knobs, 9 endless encoder knobs, and 9 motor driven faders with 60 mm drivers. You also get 1 ribbon controller, 1 pitch bend and modulation wheel, 27 function and number buttons, and 6 SEQ transport buttons. You couldn't ask for any more control in such a compact MIDI controller.

What makes the VX6 so much more than your average MIDI controller is that is is truly "intelligent". The VX6 sports a built-in 32-bit CPU that acts as a memory for your settings, software control templates, and user bank memories. For the user, this keyboard comes with a 2 x 16 LED output display as well as the U-CTRL computer software to bridge the gap between your MIDI controller and your Mac or PC.

An astounding amount of input and output possibilities can be achieved by the CME VX6. You get a USB audio port, 4 MIDI out ports, 1 MIDI in port, 1 breath controller, 2 mic/line inputs, 2 line output ports, 2 headphone out ports, and 2 universal pedal ports compatible with both switch and expression pedals.

- 61 semi-weighted, aftertouch enhanced keys
- 12 trigger pads, 17 control knobs, and 9 motor driven faders
- 1 ribbon controller, 1 pitch bend/modulation wheel, 27 function/number buttons, 6 SEQ buttons
- Built-in 32-bit CPU, music software control templates, and user bank memories
- 2 x 16 LED display, U-CTRL computer software
- USB I/O, 1 MIDI in port, 2 mic/line inputs
- 2 line out ports, 2 headphone out ports, 1 breath controller
- 2 universal pedal connectors (switch or expression style)

With more customizable features than any professional musicians could ask for, the CME VX6 Intelligent keyboard 61 key USB MIDI controller is a great compact MIDI controlling solution. With a built-in CPU, plenty of input and output options, and fully programmable triggers, knobs, and faders, the VX6 is a MIDI controlling powerhouse. With its beautiful casing design as well as grand piano key feel, you may be surprised when you pick up a 61 key MIDI controller and realize that this is the sound of a master piano with more features than you can shake a stick at.

CME website: VX Series Keyboard


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