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Roland A-800PRO replaced Edirol PCR-800: USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Edirol PCR-800 was the largest of its kind, and not just in size. Roland's discontinued the Edirol line and replaced this model with the Roland A-800PRO. This USB MIDI controller offers the same features as the Edirol model. It's very desirable among those either trying to master MIDI producing or adding a computer element to their live performances.

Roland A-800PRO Features

The A-800PRO is an improved machine from its predecessors with more than 45 assignable controller knobs, sliders, pads, and faders. The new velocity pads are perfect for assigning drum machines, triggering samples, cueing tracks, etc. You can use them as trigger buttons or velocity pads with the switch of a button.

Another great feature on the Roland A-800PRO has a new Dynamic Mapping system built in. This allows you make the MIDI controller compatible with many different software programs and assigning up to 15 different set-ups on your MIDI. The keyboard comes with Cakewalk Production Plus software and supports Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

The A-800PRO in Action

When it comes to actually “playing” the A-800PRO is a 61 velocity-sensitive key USB MIDI controller. The new keys are designed for better player expression with aftertouch sensors and smooth key action that allows for a wider range of playing styles. To add to the styles there is a nice modulation and pitch shifter to crank your noises to desired places.

The Roland A-800PRO is also very useful for a DJ style set-up since there is a new crossfader that can be used as a deck changer, a synthesizer filter, and much more. There are 8 sliders/faders as well that can be assigned for effect functions, used as organ drawbars, and what ever else you can think of.

On the left face of the machine is where you will conveniently find the power and MIDI IN/OUT plug-ins. Normally the rear panel is the preferred placement for such items, but Roland considered the use of their machine and placed the plug-ins on the side. This is especially useful in compact playing areas or simply for better overall live performances where you can get your A-800PRO right up against the face of your computer and play between the two easily.

The Roland A-800PRO is a great workstation for the beginner to serious MIDI players. Its features and design lay out make it very easy and comfortable when playing live or if you are being constricted to confined areas such as a classroom setting.

For more details, visit Edirol's website


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