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Korg padKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller

Korg’s all-new pad KONTROL joins Korg’s ever-expanding line of MIDI studio controllers, is the most expressive and versatile pad controller ever, bringing a new dimension to MIDI manipulation beyond standard keyboard controllers. In addition to virtual percussion sounds and samples, the padKONTROL manipulates soft synths and effects; triggers loops, video clips and can even act as transport control for DAW software programs.

It combines an assignable X-Y touchpad providing natural-sounding flams and rolls with sixteen illuminated trigger pads and assignable knobs and a footpedal input. All together, the padKONTROL provides unsurpassed evocative control.

Ideal for creating natural drum beats, each of the 16 padKONTROL pads can be individually assigned a note number and MIDI channel allowing you to control a single drumkit or map it to control different devices simultaneously. 8 different dynamic curves are available for each pad but you can set each pad to its own fixed level to set up certain instruments with velocity sensation and others to play the perfect velocity regardless of how you strike the pad.

The X-Y pad gives you highly intuitive, real-time control of flam and roll timing dynamics. By moving from right to left, you can increase the speed of rolls or space between flams, while moving up or down adjusts the volume. Optional footswitch lets you add kick drum or hi-hat techniques.

MIDI messages can be assigned to each pad for momentary or toggle operation where, in addition to sending data by touching the pad, a specific value can be sent as the pad is released. The X-Y pad can be assigned to control any 2 continuous controllers in real-time.

Set the X-axis to control pitch bend while the Y-axis controls reverb depth, for example. 2 assignable knobs provide continuous control of 2 other MIDI parameters so you can easily invert values sent from any controller letting you adjust them quickly as needed. Also the footswitch input can be set as a momentary or toggle switch for any parameter, and like the X-Y trigger pads, the pedal can also send a specific release value.

• Built in displays give visual confirmation of data being sent and allow you to groove with what you’re playing more accurately.
• 30 preset scenes included
• 16 available user-adjustable scenes
• Editor/Librarian software included, save vast libraries of scenes and scene sets
• Korg edition of SUPERIOR drum kit plug-in instrument from Toontracks included
• Creative Kontrol Pack Vol. 2 music software included

For more details, visit Korg's website - padKONTROL


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