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M Audio Keystation Pro 88 USB Master MIDI Controller


In case you haven’t noticed, M-Audio goes all out with its Keystation series, and nowhere is that more apparent that in the Keystation Pro 88 USB Master MIDI Controller.

This is the first USB MIDI controller designed specifically to let you perform, program and mix music directly with digital media on your computer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a basement hobbyist, the Keystation 88 Pro is your open door to a universe of MIDI control and keyboard functionality.

The 88-key hammer action is so expressive and intuitive that you will not want to stop playing it. The 59 MIDI-assignable controls and 4 zones are a generous complement delivering more than enough tactile command over your preferred soft synths and digital audio sequencers including the ever-popular Reason and Live.

Multiple dynamic velocity curves let you customize your controller to your touch and featuring USB bus-power, all you need is a single cable to plug and play with compatible computers as well as a variety of popular music education and production programs. However, if on occasion, you want to play it as a keyboard alone, an optional 9V DC adapter is available.

Ableton Live Lite is included, providing you with much of the functionality of Ableton Live award-winning music production software and Enigma librarian software is offered free with your product registration to give you the fastest and most efficient way to program your keyboard. Also a variety of accessories such as the EX-P universal expression pedal and the SP-1 sustain pedal can help you get even more out of this controller.

The Keystation 88 Pro unifies everything you need to experience the full potential of today’s virtual studios, and all at a price much easier on your pocket than you’d expect! If you’re ready to take your music to a whole new level, whether in a performance or studio recording application the Keystation 88 Pro is the answer to all your MIDI control needs.

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