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M Audio Oxygen 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Providing all of the features offered by the Oxygen 61, M-Audio’s Oxygen 49 is practically the same product except in compact form with one octave fewer keys.

That means you get the same control, flexibility, functionality and power but in a more mobile package for accommodating tighter spaces. This professional-quality keyboard offers built in MIDI interface and knobs, sliders and buttons for a total of 35 MIDI-assignable controls for complete manipulation of your hardware and software allowing you to simultaneously control soft synths, mixers, and a range of effects.

MIDI control isn’t just about triggering notes of course so the Oxygen allows you to access the deeper parameters in your software allowing you to reap their full benefits.

You can use the nine MIDI-assignable sliders for software mixer volumes or as drawbars on the virtual tone-wheel organ. The eight knobs can be mapped to any synth parameters you choose or o mixer controls such as volume, panning and effects send. Also you can assign the buttons to trigger samples and anything else that’s MIDI programmable. Assigning the controls is easy and each controller can map to pretty much any applicable parameter in the MIDI spec, including independent channel addressing.

With 10 memory locations, the Oxygen 49 allows you to store up to 10 different scenes in onboard, non-volatile memory. Additionally, you can manage an infinite number of scenes on the free Enigma librarian software on your Mac or PC, the only limit is the amount of disk space you have. Enigma works for M-Audio as well as Evolution USB MIDI controllers and includes a huge library of files for VST plug-ins, instruments and host applications.

Programming is literally as simple as dragging software parameters onto the graphic representation of the controller on the screen. When you activate the control you’ll hear the parameter you just assigned.

The Oxygen 49’s compact size means you can literally play this thing anywhere and weighing in at only 7.5 lbs, the Oxygen 49 is great for playing when and where you want or need to. Bus-powered operation means all you need to get jamming is the included USB cable, unless you want to run it off an external power source, in which case, an optional 9V DC adapter is available. The Oxygen 49 is an excellent MIDI controller for anyone as a valuable professional performing and recording device as well as a great way to learn MIDI control.

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