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M Audio Oxygen 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

If you were impressed by the Oxygen 49 but need another octave to really shred your favorite tunes in style, M-Audio brings you the 5-octave Oxygen 61 USB keyboard MIDI controller.

With a total of 35 fully assignable controllers, including 9 sliders, 8 knobs, and 15 buttons, you can easily map MIDI parameters in your hardware and software to create the ultimate full performance workstation. Easy to program and delivering complete MIDI implementation, the Oxygen 61 allows you to get as deep into your music as you want to.

Of course, MIDI control doesn’t begin and end with assigning and triggering sounds and the Oxygen series of keyboards are well aware of this. That’s why the 61’s intuitive design and geography makes the most out of keyboard orientation to get the most out of your data.

You can use the 9 sliders for software mixer volumes or as drawbars on your virtual tone-wheel organ, map the 8 knobs to any synth parameters you desire or to mixer controls like volume, panning and effects send. But what about all those buttons? Why don’t you assign them to trigger your samples or anything else that is MIDI-programmable.

The data assignment process is so easy that it’s almost funny, but it’s not clear if I’m laughing about how funny it is or how fun and easy it is to ROCK the Oxygen 61 with the free Enigma software. This powerful editor/librarian software allows you to program, store and load an infinite number of scenes for both M-Audio and Evolution USB controllers with a vast library of files for VST plug-ins, instruments, and host apps. All you have to do is drag parameter files onto the graphic image of the controller on your computer screen to assign controls. The onboard memory can store up to 10 different scenes, which can be easily interchanged with you computer library in seconds.

All of the Oxygen controllers feature dedicated front-panel function buttons to access common operations like preset, octave, and transpose up/down. Controller Mute lets you prevent parameters from jumping when you change them and Snapshot lets you transmit all your current settings. Advanced function allows the keyboard to serve as a data-entry device for controller assignment and similar setup options. Of course, you can always play the beautiful grand piano.

The Oxygen series is the definition of mobile ultra-light and compact MIDI controller keyboards. It all started with the Oxygen 8 and now you have a whole line of USB bus-powered controllers to cater to your needs. Just pick the size that suits you and take your music to a new level.

For more details, visit M Audio's Oxygen USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers with Assignable MIDI Controls


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