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M Audio Trigger Finger 16-Pad MIDI Drum Control Surface


The Trigger Finger 16-pad MIDI drum controller by M-Audio gives you the ultimate power to perform expressive percussion and MIDI drum parts.

The 16 velocity-sensitive pads are ideal for playing drum sounds off of your favorite software, launching loops and samples and even controlling video projectors. The 8 knobs and 4 faders are freely assignable to any MIDI parameters like volume, pan, pitch, and effects letting you map this controller in any configuration that suits you.

Setting up Trigger Finger is a no-brainer. USB bus-power means all you need is a single USB cable to power up and you computer does the rest. Compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X means not extra drivers to install and the pre-programmed maps for Reason, Live, GM Drum, XG Drum, iDrum, and more give you control over the most popular software available.

Since the Trigger Finger is fully programmable, you can customize the unit to fit your needs. You can launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live, trigger video clips in VJ software and fir off samples in your favorite DJ software and the MIDI out jack lets you connect to external MIDI equipment.

The Trigger Finger’s 16 pads give you immediate access to plenty of drum sounds and other data you want to trigger putting you in full control of your drum programming sessions. The pad size is ideal, providing the perfect balance of touch and compact space. Both velocity- and pressure-sensitive as well as featuring an adjustable pressure-sensitivity, the pads give you more custom flexibility than most other drum machines and along side the 8 knobs and 4 faders, each fully-assignable, make for an extremely customizable and flexible drum machine.

The 16 presets make it easy to store your settings on the device so you can switch between the scenes stored on the Trigger Finger, and with the free included Enigma editor/librarian software, you are free to save as many as you like to create an extensive online collection.

The Trigger Finger is an awesome compact drum machine delivering everything professional musicians need to trigger samples and MIDI drum sounds and none of the unnecessary elements that make some machines just too bulky for the job. The Trigger Finger is just one more page in M-Audio’s book of all-encompassing stage and studio music production solutions.

For more details, visit M Audio's Trigger Finger


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