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M Audio X Session Pro USB MIDI DJ Mixer Controller

The easiest way to bring traditional DJ mixer-style control to the world of digital computer DJ-ing and live performances is certainly the X-Session Pro USB MIDI DJ Mixer Controller by M-Audio..

Delivering dedicated tactile control for volume, pitch, EQ, cueing, transport and crossfader, all through a single USB Connection, the X-Session can be used for a very wide range of DJ needs. A class compliant USB MIDI controller, this mixer can be used to control Torq LE DJ software, as well as all versions of Torq, Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio and any other host application that supports MIDI Learn.

With the X-Session Pro it’s easy to bring cross fades and filter sweeps into your performances and studio productions right away. Laptops are excellent, if not critical parts of today’s DJ setups.

Unfortunately the mouse and keyboard are not the most natural musical interface for live performances. I mean, who wants to look like they’re doing homework in front of a bumping club? The X-Session Pro fuses the standard controls of 2-channel DJ mixers with the transport and pitch controls of turntables or CDJ players, enabling you to everything from one interface.

Mixer controls include level, cue, EQ and effects as well as making smooth crossfades all while the integrated transport and pitch controls let you start, stop and beat-match digital files in host apps. The free downloadable Torq LE software organizes everything you need to DJ into a single workspace with two virtual decks that let you load, cue and play back digital files and even automatically beat-match the files instantly. And as with traditional DJ setups, Torq LE includes an integrated 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, level controls, headphone cueing, a crossfader and 3 effects.

X-Session Pro is class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X so you’ll never need extra drivers to make it interface with you favorite host apps, soft synths or DAW’s. You can easily assign the crossfader on the X-Session to the Ableton Live crossfader to add another new dynamic to you mix. With the X-Session Pro the possibilities for bringing your audience an unique musical experience is virtually endless, and it’s brought to you by the one and only M-Audio.

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