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Novation Nocturn Compact USB Plug In Desktop Controller

Novation's Nocturn is a small format intelligent plug-in controller that is Novation's most affordable and advanced plug-in hardware controller to date.

Formatted with the industries most sophisticated software, the Nocturn makes it easy to have complete jusidiction over all your choice instruments and effects. With this controller, your music will reach its fullest quality sound potential without hassle.

The Novation Nocturn controller features the latest Automap Universal 2.0 software, the highest of its class and exclusive to Novation. With this software, you can have complete control of all automatable plug-ins within every single major sequencer.

The Novation Nocturn has eight touch sensitive rotary encoders that are illuminated and ideal for the club scene (night DJ'ing). The Nocturns encoders are coupled with eight user-assignable buttons and a professional 45mm cross fader.

The finishing touch to this high small, high quality plug-in controller is Novations inimitable 'speed dial', a touch sensitive rotary encoder that instantly and automatically takes control of whatever your mouse is focusing on and GUI, a transparent control map, easily seen or hidden at the users discretion.


The Nocturn is user-friendly and has little to no set up, just boot up the plug-in and go, you'll be able to see at a glance how the Nocturn's parameters are assigned to each control. The Novation Nocturn is a high quality and affordable plug-in controller. It comes with Automap Universal 2.0 along with many other convenient features. For the DJ in the dark, it offers eight illuminated touch sensitive rotary encoders. Novation Nocturn is the ideal choice, keeping it affordable and professional at the same time.

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