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Novation REMOTE 25 SL - 25 Key Portable USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard

The Novation ReMOTE 25 SL compact MIDI controller gives the musician a quick, automatic and intelligent path to controlling all major sequencers and automatable plug-ins at an affordable rate.

While most MIDI controller manufacturers make mediocre machines, Novation takes it to another level by making MIDI controllers that are just as complex and sophisticated as your other instruments. The 25 SL COMPACT offers the user two large and illuminated LCD screens(144 character), displaying up to eight parameters at one time. The 25 SL lays everything out in front of your eyes, making it easy to control and customize your music.

Automap Universal software comes standard, ensuring the user spends little to no time setting up. All of the parameters(plug-in) are mapped to the control surface and a 'learn' function is available for easy customization and personal control of plug-ins. Automap Universal mode makes the number of controls unlimited, while in Manual Template mode, eight encoders and eight LED button's combining with eight Group select switches providing 64 assignable parameters.

The Novation ReMOTE controller provides tactile support! Maximize your efficiency, the Novation ReMOTE provides the ability to get complete tactile control of any parameter on which your mouse is resting (Automap Universal mode). The options and features of the Novation ReMOTE 25 SL COMPACT MIDI controller are nearly endless giving its user a clear and easy road to good music construction. Eight velocity sensitive trigger pads are also available for sketching out beats or triggering samples.

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