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Novation ReMOTE 37 SL 3 Octave Soft Label USB MIDI Keyboard


No longer will you spend night after night in front of a computer screen trying to synchronize your sound composition. Novations ReMOTE 37 key MIDI controller brings it all together and forms an under the radar, powerful and intelligent MIDI controller.

No more template overlays or having to remember each individual control. Novation knows a musician doesn't want to waste time hassling with controls, trying to find out where and how everything is connected. Two giant (144-character)and illuminated LCD screens display up to 16 parameter names/values at the same time coupled with the convenient Automap mode which intelligently detects the instruments connected and maps it all out for you in the front panel make the ReMOTE an ideal choice for the user wishing to save time and hassle.

Super high quality action, semi-weighted with aftertouch, make for the experience of real performance. Novation ReMOTE 37 SL stands out from the rest, allowing the user to play any software synth or sampler, this kind of control makes a huge difference in the final product. With eight dynamic and new musically responsive trigger pads, its a breeze to sketch out music or form samples.

With the use of the Novation ReMOTE 37 SL Premium 2/3/5 octave MIDI Controller the professional sound composer is free to focus on just that, music. This instrument is highly intelligent and easily customized to the users precise tastes. With two giant illuminated LCD screens with Automap, performing in darkness is a thing of the past, as is trying to figure out what control goes with what instrument, the Novation ReMOTE makes it all crystal clear and easy to use.

Some specifications:

The Novation ReMOTE 37 SL Premium 2/3/5 octave MIDI Controller is a highly advanced, quality instrument that's affordable. As with all Novation MIDI controllers, quality is assured and the latest technology is always at hand, making your life as a musician easier.

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