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Novation ReMOTE SL COMPACT 49 Key USB MIDI Controller

Novations ReMOTE SL Compact is a versatile and inexpensive keyboard that gives sophisticated control of all major sequencers and automatable plug-ins.

Highly advanced features make this MIDI controller an ideal choice for any professional musician. Two giant and brightly lit 144-character LCD screens logically display parameter information(up to eight) right before your eyes.

The ReMOTE 49 SL compact is an intelligent instrument that makes music creation simple. Automap Universal comes standard, automatically mapping sequencer controls and VST or AU parameters are pre-set ensuring the user little to no set up time.

Simply click the 'learn' button on the SL compact and you can start customizing the parameters yourself, the ReMOTE SL makes it quick and hassle-free to personalize your settings. In Automap Universal mode the controls are limitless. In the Manual Template mode you are provided with 64 parameters. The SL compact has cutting edge technology and lets you focus more on what really matters, your music. PAC (pointer-assigned control) technology coupled with Novations unique 'speed dial' provide automatic and instant tactile control over any parameter upon which the mouse rests.


Giant 144-character illuminated LCD screen - Frees the artist from being chained to the computer screen, placing all the essential data right alongside the relevant controls

Automap Universal - Instant control of sequencers and plug-ins, Automap Universal takes the hassle out of assigning MIDI parameters

Semi-weighted keyboard with after-touch - Delivers the feeling of playing an instrument

Speed dial- Ultra-fast software control

PAC technology - pointer-assigned control

The Novation ReMOTE 49 SL is an affordable and highly advanced instrument, providing the user with instant and smart control over all sequencers and automatable plug-ins. Coming standard with Novations flagship Automap Universal software, making music come together is no longer a complex and mind-boggling venture, its all laid out for you to see clearly. Two large and brightly lit LCD screens free the user from the computer screen. Novations ReMOTE 49 SL COMPACT is the only choice for the discerning musician looking for an intelligent and intuitive MIDI controller that wont break the bank.

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