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Novation REMOTE61 SL - 61 Key Portable USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard


The ReMOTE 61 SL Premium 61 key is a high quality and advanced MIDI controller that takes music integration to another level while staying affordable.

Its lightweight and convenient with two giant illuminated LCD screens for easy DJ'ing in the club scene. The ReMOTE SL has 61 semi-weighted keys that create the sensation of playing an instrument.TE 61 SL Premium MIDI Controller by Novation brings high technology together with affordability to make a MIDI controller thats advanced and attainable.

Every professional musician needs clearly displayed, intelligent and automatic control of all sequencers and plug-ins. The Novation ReMOTE makes it easy to have this control whilst at the same time effectively and intelligently mapping the users controls (AU mode) into the ReMOTE 61 SL's front panel for the user to see.

Two large and bright LCD screens bring DJ'ing into the light of day and take the hassle of being attached to a computer screen out of the picture.

With Automap Universal mode making music is easy! When using an Automap-supported application such as Reason 3, Cubase SL/SX 3 or Logic 7 the ReMOTE SL loads its Automap Template and does all of the assigning for you, all you have to do is switch between instruments.

The SL comes with eight musically responsive trigger pads that are perfect for sketching out beats or samples. The eight M-R's are complex trigger pads and can be calibrated by the user and also offer full assign-ability and programability. The ReMOTE SL gives you complete creative control with its X/Y touchpad, fully assignable/programmable in each X(side to side) and Y(up and down), the touchpad lets the user create unique sound effects expressing absolute creative control over user sound.

Some specifications

61 Key, Key Type- Semi-Weighted w/aftertouch

Velocity Curves: 6 - individually assignable

Pitch and Mod Wheel Mechanism, Pitch wheel lever: Rubberized - spring loaded, centre return left to right

Mod/control lever-Rubberized - spring loaded, bottom return or free running, front to back

X/Y Touchpad, Touchpad: Pressure sensitive (Parameters: 2 assignable in X direction; 2 assignable in Y direction)

LCD Display- LCD: character silver, 2 x 144. Blue LED backlit

Interfacing, Data Ports: 1 x USB MIDI (Win XP/Mac OSX class-compliant)

Rotary Encoders: 8 - Infinite Rotation-Rotary Potentiometers: 8 - Rotation 0 to 270 Degrees

Buttons- 32, Sliders-8, Trigger pads-8, Transport Controls: Rewind/Fast Forward/Stop/Start/Record/Loop (assignable for each), TAP TEMPO Button: 1

General Op: Play/Edit/Template/Global/Write buttons

Data select: 1 x rotary encoder (pressing changes function)

Keyboard Octave: Octave up/down buttons

Battery Operation: 4 C' Size

Power Supply: Standard

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