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Novation Music ReMOTE ZeRO SL Keyless MIDI Controller with Automap Universal

If you have already invested in a solid keyboard-style MIDI controller but are interested in the versatility practicality of Novations ReMOTE series than the ReMOTE SL Keyless MIDI Controller is for you.

With everything you'd expect from a Novation ReMOTE MIDI controller, the Keyless MIDI is the control center of the controller and has two giant and bright LCD screens. Novations signature software, intelligent Automap mode maps out the users instruments and creates parameters that are clearly defined and easily customized to the users desire.

The two 144-character LCD are conveniently located in the front panel and can display up to 16 parameter names and values at one time. No more template overlays or having to remember which key went with what instrument, the ReMOTE SL Keyless Controller makes it easy for you and also makes navigating through menu's a breeze as each page is laid out side by side and edited by simply using the knobs directly below it.

Automap Mode is specific to Novation controllers and makes sessions less about the technology and more about the sound. When any of the Automap supported applications boot up (Reason 3, Cubase SL/SX 3, Nuendo 3, Logic Pro 7 or Ableton Live 5), the SL's Automap Template loads up and all of the parameters are set and clearly displayed.

Novations ReMOTE SL Keyless MIDI Controller is hands on responsive. If your beat compositions are complex, then most likely so is your process. The Novation Remote SL has eight musically responsive trigger pads that can be calibrated in any way you choose along with sensitivity and assigned data being fully programmable, these trigger pads put the power to sketch out beats and trigger samples at your finger tips.

The front panel is easily navigated, everything is meticulously laid out for easy user control and personalization. 8 rotary potentiometers, 8 rotary encoders, 8 sliders and 24 switches are completely programmable. All of the controls can be customized, named and saved in any one of the 64 template memories.

Some specifications for the Novation ReMOTE Keyless MIDI Controller:

The Novation ReMOTE Keyless MIDI Controller is a perfect instrument for anyone who may already have a keyboard style MIDI but who desires the advanced technology and easy functionality of Novations ReMOTE series. This MIDI controller is the system control section and comes with all you would expect from a Novation ReMOTE. Two giant LCD screens, smart Automap Mode and many more features, the Novation ReMOTE Keyless SL revolutionizes the way we make music, making it simple and easy for greater focus on equipment and more on sound.

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