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Novation X Station 25 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


The X-station is a portable and advanced music making instrument, high technology coupled with convenience developed by no other than Novation.

The X-Station is an ideal choice for any professional looking to streamline his or her practice or performance sessions. The X-Station comes fully equipped so that focus is on your music, not your equipment.

The machine comes with many features such as, an assignable X/Y touch pad controller, 25 semi-weighted(w/aftertouch) keys and a joystick that give its user control options for more creative expression.

Two high quality phantom-powered converters, two Neutrik(TM) XLR jack sockets, and for the integration of user external MIDI gear, a built in interface. The X-Station lets you work without a mixer, with Dedicated headphone, separate controls and monitoring connections, the X-Station cuts time letting you work on a rhythm composition and not multiple equipment stations. No more wires!

The X-Station synth is wholly integrated and connects to one cable- the USB, making it easy and convenient to mix your music anywhere. You just need the X-Station and a laptop, all user audio output is sent through the USB via ASIO straight onto the sequencer track. On top of this, the 3-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer was born from the renowned Novation KS-series(8-voice polyphonic), the series comes with a DSP processor.


The X-Station provides numerous on-board multi-effects and up to six effects can be used on each station(distortion effects tools such as, Chorus, Delay, Reverb Distortion, Compressor and EQ). The advanced design of the Novation X-station series allows the user to simultaneously utilize the synthesizer and all of the effects on incoming audio. With so many features that make it easy to create music, you can go wrong with Novations X-Series. Perfect for performance or practice, the X-Station series is highly portable and superbly designed to make any kind of musicians life easier.

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