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Novation X Station 61 5 Octave Synthesizer and Audio USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


The Novation X-series is an almighty all-in-one music machine, streamlining the process of music-making with advanced gear to make the musicians life easier.

Novation is once again at the front line of innovation with highly portable, intelligent X-Station series. The 61 semi-weighted w/aftertouch keys feel like the real thing, even if you haven't trained as a pianist, you'll feel the difference.

Assignable X/Y touchpad controller, joystick and aftertouch provide the user with a greater realm for expression. The X-Station 61 has an audio interface with high quality phantom-powered converters, dedicated headphone and monitoring connections/controls that let the user work without a mixer.

The X-Station gives its user room to move, with the onboard DSP effects processor, it provides instant multi-effects for recording and monitoring applications. With the X-Station its possible to record audio and use the synthesizer at the same time. The synthesizer is fully integrated and needs no wires! Just a USB and streaming audio is transported through the USB via ASIO onto the user sequencer track.

The X-Station has two audio channels and each has its own effects chain(Chorus, Delay, Reverb Distortion, EQ and Compressor).


The X-Station is an all-in-one powerhouse music machine, perfect for streamlining the professional musicians repertoire of equipment. There is no need to look further, the Novation X-Station offers an array of onboard effects, MIDI control and an advanced synth engine making practice or performance easy. The X-Station is also highly portable making it all around the ideal choice for anyone who want to focus on the music and not the gear.

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