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Yamaha KX25 USB Keyboard MIDI Controller

When studio space is limited and creativity is endless, look no further than the Yamaha KX25 MIDI controller. This compact, 25-key USB workstation will fit nicely on compact in-home studio surfaces, and you won’t have to be at your job all day while watching the keys collect dust.

The KX25’s Preset Madness

The Yamaha KX25 is not only your typical MIDI controller but it also comes with preset sound devices. Normally you will slave through your software to manually program MIDI data, but the KX series has various drum, bass, guitar, keyboard, and other instruments already programmed on-board.

Along with the present instrument sounds, the Yamaha KX25 has over 340 built-in arpeggio phrases. These phrase patterns can be accessed with the included HALion One softsynth sound content software.

On-Board Convenience Controllability

Yamaha engineering has been so refined over years of synthesizer and keyboard construction that when creating the KX series their intent was to allow users to produce the highest quality music with the least amount of interference. Buttons and knobs on the KX25 are strategically located for convenience and easy one touch control features.

The KX25 has four control knobs that can work as analog controls such as cut off, resonance, pan, and levels, but they can be changed to four assignable knobs with the touch of a single button. Yamaha added DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) integration controls for easy soft synth and sequence controlling as well as performance controls such as triggers and start/stop loop controls.

Synonymous with the convenience allowed with on-board programming is the ease with controlling DAW software right on the MIDI pad. Yamaha designed this control surface so that production functions can easily be carried with the touch of a button and no need for going back and forth between the computer and your keyboard.

Included with the KX series is the Cubase Studio 4 DAW applications and other Cubase software to get you started on the production process. Yamaha also throws in the X Factor DVD that includes massive banks of sounds and VST instruments from popular sound generating companies.

The Yamaha KX25 will get you to the zenith of your creativity with little trouble and confusion along the way. On top of that, this compact control station can comfortably fit on a desk along with the computer, keyboard, printer, cup of pens, and your cat.

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