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Yamaha KX49 USB Keyboard MIDI Controller

Labeled as a compact keyboard controller, the Yamaha KX49 is that and way more. This USB powered controller is a whole production station that is set up for ease and convenience for all your creative needs.

One Touch Controllability

The Yamaha KX49 is a 49-key USB MIDI keyboard that was designed to help with production workflow. This is evident when you take a look at the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) control section on the control surface.

Yamaha includes the Cubase AI4 production software with the KX series keyboards because of the “Cubase Function” buttons. But don’t be hesitant about its compatibility, because the KX keyboards work perfectly fine with other DAW production programs.

The KX49 works well in performance controlling as well with various buttons and knobs that are assignable for triggering playbacks and tweaking sounds. There are four control knobs that can work as analog controls such as cut off, resonance, pan, and level, but they can be changed to four assignable knobs with the touch of a single button.

Other controls on the KX49 include track mute and solo, velocity curve, data, and program increase/decrease. Since there are only 49 keys (but also on all the KX series controllers) Yamaha provided octave controls up to two octaves in each direction.

Beyond the MIDI Programming

The Yamaha KX49 is always trying to make your life easier and when it comes to tedious MIDI data programming, this controller is like tying shoes. The KX49 already has preset sounds varying from drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard. Along with these preset instrument sounds, the Yamaha KX49 has over 340 built-in arpeggio phrases. These phrase patterns can be accessed with the included HALion One softsynth sound content software.

The Yamaha KX49 is a great compact controller that has been designed for easy production and performance abilities for all playing styles and levels. Here are some more features:

• 49-key workstation
• Assignable buttons and knobs for easy production and performance
• USB power source
• Preset arpeggios and instruments
• Cubase AI4 production software
• Yamaha X Factor DVD with sound banks and VST instruments

For more details, visit Yamaha Keyboard Studios USB Controllers


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