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Yamaha KX61 USB Keyboard MIDI Controller

The Yamaha KX61 is a no-brainer production kit right out of the box with preset instrument sounds and assignable controls that will get you far on your way to making great music. With the included software, you can create tunes with the KX61, a computer, and your creativity in no time flat.

The KX61 From a Design Side

Yamaha created the KX61 to emulate their keyboard and synthesizers but is powered by a USB and run through the computer. But similar features of the synths and keyboards are still here, including level controls, modulation and pitch wheels, cut off and resonance knobs, and octave translators.

There are 61 keys on the KX61, which is the closest thing to most synthesizer designs but has the ability to far surpass those analog controllers. This MIDI workstation has many built in preset instruments such as drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard sounds, which helps avoid any real tedious MIDI data programming. But the KX61 also has the capability to create far out sounds with the software that is given to you by Yamaha.

Along with the present instrument sounds, the Yamaha KX61 has over 340 built-in arpeggio phrases. These phrase patterns can be accessed, controlled, and manipulated to your liking with the included HALion One softsynth sound content software.

The KX61 MIDI Capabilities

Yamaha provides some quality DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software with the KX series MIDI controllers, such as Cubase AI4 production software. The KX61 has a whole section of its on-board controls designated to this program, with assignable start/stop/record and trigger buttons. Also there are program changers right at your fingertips so workflow is optimized and there is less transfer between computer and workstation.

Even though the Cubase software is provided along with the Yamaha X Factor DVD, which includes a large sound bank and VST instruments, the KX61 can be easily assigned to other software instruments and DAW programs with out hassle or confusion.

The KX61 is an excellent production tool with easy and convenient controls and great software included, but also this is an excellent MIDI control for performance purposes with already preset instruments and assignable MIDI instruments as well. The 61-key KX61 is a great tool for all musicians who feel that controller complexity is not their cup of tea.

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