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Yamaha KX8 USB Keyboard MIDI Controller

The Yamaha KX8 makes playing a standard keyboard seem like reading for a high school English class, and you don’t even need to go to school to learn how to create excellent music with this MIDI workstation. For a reasonable price you can get convenience, compatibility, and anything else you could want from your MIDI keyboard..

Production From the Start

With Yamaha’s 88-key USB MIDI keyboard you can open all sorts of assignable capabilities as soon as you open the package. The KX8 has four assignable knobs as well as other potential assignable buttons and keys right on-board.

The Cubase AI4 production software that is included with the KX8 is a great way to get started with your production needs as well as performance purposes. There is a designated section on the control surface for the Cubase functions with controls such as play functions, program changers, add instrument tracks, and track mute and solo buttons. But don’t worry, the KX8 does not only work with Cubase but is compatible with most other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) programs and software.

The KX8 Design and Feel

The sleek and simple design of the KX8 is very appealing and logical. With years of keyboard research, Yamaha has created a MIDI keyboard that has controls in the most feasible places that enhance production and performance work flow.

The KX8 is an 88-note Graded Hammer (GHS) Action keyboard, which means the keys feel like a real piano. This feature helps on a performance level for those who are used to that style of playing. For those who are used to keyboards and synthesizers, the norms are there with pitch and modulation wheels on the left above the keys, and there still are velocity curve adjustor buttons.

Preset Help on the KX8

The KX8 is where you finish your production and carry out your work through a performance. Not only does this USB keyboard work when you go through all the MIDI data programming and mapping, but there are preset instruments on this MIDI controller with sounds from drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards.

To help with your style defining needs, the Yamaha KX8 has over 340 built-in arpeggio phrases. These phrase patterns can be accessed, controlled, and manipulated to your liking with the included HALion One softsynth sound content software.

The Yamaha KX8 is the perfect start-and-go-produce-and-perform workstation. With a feel like a real piano and the ability to create endless sounds, you can’t go wrong.

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