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If you are planning to pick a parka, expect to find just what you're looking for online or in local sporting goods and outerwear stores. Choices abound in the parka marketplace – find sport-specific designs for skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and mountaineers. So many choices in fact, that there is even a parka designed to fit around a water bottle!

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Historically, the parka was a pullover without buttons or zippers, also known as an anorak. Its design was to let in as little cold air as possible. The Inuit invented the parka to keep them dry while on hunting and fishing trips in the Arctic.

Their parkas were soaked in fish oil to build water resistance. High-tech, water-resistant synthetics have eliminated the need for oiled jackets for the general populace – for example, a Gore-Tex parka, but the concept is still in use today, when you spray waterproof materials on outdoor gear!


Parkas have many possible features. Selection of your parka will depend on what you will be using it for. If you live in a moderate climate and are only concerned that you remain dry in an occasional downpour of rain, an all weather parka with a hood and waterproofing may be all you need.

Winter Parkas are sold year round to accommodate the ski buffs that travel to wherever the snow is, and for those who live in colder environments substantial parts of the year. Your parka should be chosen to accommodate the needs of those activities. Look for down-filled parkas with waterproof outer shells of Gore-Tex or synthetic blends. Special features should include interior closing pockets, at least one to specifically hold a cell-phone and keys. Columbia, North Face and McMurdo are all market leaders in the production of sport-oriented parkas and other outdoor wear.

Even those in warmer climates shop year round for just the right all weather parka for the slopes and daily wear. Online shopping provides the ease of not leaving your home. If you are familiar with the fit of various brands, getting the right size does not present a problem.

Today's parkas are for the whole family and they are not just for the ski slopes anymore. This is the age of casual wear. We are simplifying. Overcoats and raincoats are being replaced by the flexible, on the go styles of the parka coat. Parkas are the fastest selling item in coat departments. Men and women are wearing longer waterproof parka jackets to cover business clothing, while shorter versions are selected for around town shopping and outdoor activities with children.

Parkas come in all shapes and sizes, colors and price ranges. You will find them in brick and mortar stores as well as online. It is a good idea before shopping to decide what features you want in your parka in order to save time. You may wish to insure quality by looking for companies and brands that specialize in cold weather parkas.


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