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The right raincoat can make a rainy day a pleasure. For drizzles or downpours, make sure you have a raincoat or jacket to pull out of the closet. Don't let those drips dampen your spirit – or your clothes!

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The right raincoat, long or short, brightly colored or sedate, lightweight or heavy duty, will keep you protected and comfortable and singing in the rain whenever those raindrops keep fallin' on your head!

How to select the right raincoat
In order to select the right rain coat you may wish to consider several things.


  • What will you be doing in your new coat? Will you be in business situations or casual?
  • Does the coat have to be very warm or do you live in a warmer climate not requiring a liner?
  • How long does the coat need to be? Do you want a hood?
  • How will your coat fasten? Young children and older adults may have difficulty with buttons and zippers, and prefer Velcro closures.
  • How much do you want to spend? Prices run the spectrum from dime store slickers to designer trench coats.
  • What color do you prefer? Do you want matching accessories? Think about matching gloves, hats, boots and umbrellas to round out your rainy-day fashions.

Rain Jacket

All of these considerations will help you make a good decision you will be happy with long term.

The classic raincoat
Burberry and London Fog are names synonymous with classically styled fashion raincoats. Both companies are known for their trench coats and single-breasted balmacaan styles.

High tech rain jackets
Many manufacturers of rainwear produce jackets for the entire family. For the most part they are all in breathable fabrics to insure the wearer does not get wet. Gore-Tex™ fabric is very popular as it is actually laminated to repel water. Fabric described as "rip-stop," which prevents tearing, is also a good thing to look for in a rain jacket, especially if you're wearing for snowboarding or rugged outdoor activities. A feature like longer back length keeps ski pants dry. Taped seams and Velcro closures at the cuffs of the jacket are additional wind-proofing features that will contribute to warmth.

Rubber raincoats
Popular with children, cheery rubber raincoats come in bright colors with matching rain boots and umbrella sets. Women also choose these easily cleaned attractive coats. Men in outdoor worksites as well as mounted police and telephone linemen use plastic, vinyl PVC and rubber rainwear for its utility and durability.

Raincoats and jackets, and the boots and other accessories that go with them can be beautiful and colorful, protective and warm – and most of all, allow us to enjoy being outside in the rain!


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