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If the nicest bath robe you have ever worn belonged to the hotel you were staying at, it is time to buy yourself a quality bath robe.

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If you have shopped for bath robes, you may think that they can get pretty pricey. Yes they can. But consider it an investment in your comfort. A quality plush bath robe can last you ten years or more if cared for properly. Because no other piece of clothing says "relax" like bath robes do, don't you deserve one?

Have you wondered what the difference is between a man's bath robe and a woman's bath robe ?  When it comes to the simple yet elegant long, terry, wrap-around, robe then there is no difference. Women tend to need small to medium and men tend to need medium to extra large.


The unisex styling makes them a classic look on both men and women. However, not all bath robes are unisex. For instance the short silk bath robe with the pink roses on a white background would not look as good on Jackas it would on Jane. Of course, not everyone sees it that way. The point is, that some bath robe designs are geared more towards one or the other sex. If you are unsure of a robe you are looking at, ask a sales person.

Bath robes are a popular item and can be found just about anywhere. Department stores carry a large selection, while specialty stores and boutiques carry less of a selection, but usually the highest quality. If you want the largest selection and the best prices, shop the Internet. Just be sure to inquire about the return policy if you are not happy with the robe once you get to see it in person. Our society seems to have embraced bath robes. As a matter of fact there is actually a "Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day."  It is to honor the large percentage of our workforce that works from their homes.  These entrepreneurial types celebrate every February 9 th by wearing a bath robe as they work.

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