Children's Bath Robes - How to Buy a Child's Bath Robe

If you are shopping for children's bath robes then get ready to have fun. It is a world of super heroes, fairytale princesses and whimsical designs.

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Shopping for a child's bath robe , with a child, is nothing like shopping for a bath robe for, say, yourself . As an adult, you look for things like the quality of the cotton terry, the functionality of the design, and the price. Children can't be bothered with any of these variables.

Children are looking for their favorite color , character or sports team.  That is exactly why manufacturers put Spider Man on many boys' bath robes. Girl's bath robes usually have pictures of princesses on them.

Child Robe

Toddler bath robes are often like costumes that transform the wearer into an elephant or a lion. Teen bath robes, well, they can have anything from rock stars to silly sayings on them. So what happened to quality and functionality?  And how do you avoid disaster when buying a child's bath robe ?

First, pre-qualify any store before you bring your child there to shop. Make sure you would be happy with any of the children's bath robes that the store carries. Because, you can be pretty much guaranteed that your child will pick the robe you like the least. Whether this phenomenon is Murphy's Law or pure parent / child dynamics, we may never know. So, only show your child robes you would be comfortable buying.

What should you look for in a child's bath robe?  First you want to make sure that it is made from flame retardant material. That is material that has been chemically treated to resist flame. Some children's sleepwear is even fire proof. If you can find that, even better. Next you want to look at the quality of the bath robe. It should be 100% cotton terry cloth. Feel it for thickness and softness. If you will be using your child's bath robe like a bath towel , to dry them after a bath, you want it to be extra absorbent.

Not sure what size to buy?  If you have your child with you at the store, try on several sizes. Not just the one you think will fit. Sizes vary by manufacturer. It is also a good idea to buy a child's bath robe a size larger so that is will last for two years. If you are ordering over the Internet or through a catalog , it is helpful to know how a child's bath robe is measured.  The robe length is the measurement from the top shoulder seam all the way to the bottom of the robe. The sleeve length is the measurement from the top shoulder seam to the bottom of the sleeve on the outside (not from under the arm).

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